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Recruiters are always busy, yet always need opportunities for face-to-face interaction with job seekers.

That’s why we developed our Hiring Events – they are free of charge, very easy on your schedule, and give you the opportunity to meet DuPage area job seekers. Hiring events are held in our career center several times a year, depending on local employer demand.

Here are a few details:

  • Typically six to ten employers are in attendance.
  • They are usually about two hours long.
  • Jobs presented at the event must provide a guaranteed wage or salary of at least $12 an hour.
  • The jobs or the company recruiting MUST be located in DuPage County.

To learn more about our Hiring Events and when the next event may be held, please contact or at (630) 955-2067.

The Benefit to Your Business

Completely free of charge

Smaller time commitment

More “intimate” format gives you time to really talk with job seekers

access career center talent


customized talent pipeline solutions


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  • the 1,200+ weekly visitors to our website and blog,
  • our 3,100+ social media followers, and
  • the talent pool of skilled job seekers with whom we are working.

The Benefit to Your Business

Completely free of charge
We do all of the work
Posts are targeted to DuPage area job seekers

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