Job Search Boot Camp

This Series of Five Info-Packed Workshops will get you fit for finding a job in today’s tough job market!

Day 1. Research & Resources

You’ll Learn: Researching your own skills and strengths, researching what employers in your field are looking for, and identifying employers and jobs that are well-matched to your skills set.

Day 2. Resumes, LinkedIn & Letters

You’ll Learn: Dealing with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), the components of an effective resume, using LinkedIn, gathering good references, and what makes a good cover letter

Day 3. Interview Skills, part 1

You’ll Learn: The components of effective communication, networking, informational interviewing, job interview preparation, and how to succeed in a telephone interview.

Day 4. Interview Skills, part 2

You’ll Learn: What employers look for during an interview, types of interviews, interview questions, developing answers for behavioral interviews, and questions you should ask employers.

Day 5. Negotiation Skills

You’ll Learn: Techniques that are crucial to salary and benefit negotiation. The workshop concludes with peer interviewing and evaluation.