DuPage County

Layoff Recovery Resources


Job Search Assistance

If you have lost your job as part of a facility closure or mass layoff in DuPage County, you may already be eligible for some of the federally-funded job search services provided through the workNet DuPage Career Center. These services include workshops, training grants, and more…

Occupational Training Grants

You may be eligible to receive a WIOA occupational training grant for up to $10,000 to be used to go back to school in order to upgrade your professional skills or obtain a professional certification.

Individualized Assistance

You can receive one-on-one assistance with updating your resume, or with practicing for job interviews..

Job Search Workshops

The workshops in our Job Search Boot Camp will teach you how to prepare for your job search, the best resume format to use, interview skills, how to used LinkedIn, and more.


If you have questions about any of this, please feel free to contact Susi Pihera at: spihera@worknetdupage.org  -or-  (630) 955-2041

Recent Eligible Layoffs

A complete list of recent layoffs in DuPage County that are eligible for our services.

Recovering After Your Layoff

Losing your job through a layoff is hard and can create a lot of stress, making it difficult to know how to move forward. Here are 10 Things You Must Do to Recover From Your Layoff and Begin Searching for Your Next Job.

Job Search Readiness

If it’s been a while since the last time you looked for a job, take this short quiz to see if you’re ready to conduct a successful job search.

Career & Training Expo

Learn about occupational training and certifications that are possible through the WIOA grant program at workNet DuPage.

Job Seeker Resources

A list of resources of various kinds to aid job seekers in the search for their next employment opportunity.

Stay Connected

Via social media we offer numerous ways for you to get job search tips, jobs, info and updates.