Pre-Layoff Workshops to Help Your Workers’ Transition

We can conduct a free workshop at your place of business, prior to a workforce reduction, to present information about services and resources to help workers’ manage their period of unemployment, and assist with their re-employment efforts:

  • A representative from the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) will speak about registering and certifying for unemployment benefits,
  • A representative from the U.S. Department of Labor will speak about workers’ rights under federal healthcare laws, and
  • A representative from workNet DuPage will speak about the job search workshops and WIOA occupational training grants for which workers are eligible through the WARN program.

The Benefit to Your Business

Workshops are conducted discreetly
Helps your workers through this difficult transition
Our services can shorten your workers’ period of unemployment

Learn More about our Pre-Layoff Workshops

To learn how your company may benefit from a pre-layoff workshop, please contact Susi Pihera at or at (630) 955-2041.

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