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The DuPage Workforce Board is a business-led policy and decision-making body created under a 1998 federal law called the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) with a mandate to:

  • create a workforce development system that meets the needs of employers for qualified workers, and
  • expand employment opportunities for residents.

The board has become a key player in the economic growth and competitiveness of our local area and the region. In this larger role, the Workforce Board functions as a convener, an innovator, and a facilitator of strategic partnerships between the private sector, non-profit agencies, educational institutions, local elected officials, local government agencies, labor, and job training and education programs.

Strategic Plan

Youth Development – Ensure that DuPage County youth get the right skills to be competitive in the regional labor market, by building consensus and action around the drivers of success in career preparation for youth.

Innovative Regional Workforce System – Improve the return on our community investments in workforce development, by developing a workforce pipeline analysis that identifies key workforce metrics.

Sector Strategies – Help employers access the skilled labor they need, through several mechanisms of support for regional economic development.

Many of these goals are met by services delivered by the DuPage County Workforce Development Division.

For details, please download our full Strategic Plan.

Our Vision

DuPage County residents will have the skills and knowledge they need to find and keep jobs that lead to economic self-sufficiency.

DuPage County employers will be able to access the skilled labor they need to compete in a rapidly globalizing economy.

Our Mission

The DuPage Workforce Board, in collaboration with our private and public sector stakeholders, leads the design, implementation and continuous improvement of high value-added workforce systems that meet our communities evolving workforce needs for today and tomorrow.

Board Members

DuPage Workforce Board members are appointed by Daniel J. Cronin, the Chief Elected Official of DuPage County in accordance with criteria established by the Governor.

Workforce Boards must have a majority of business leaders. The legislation also mandates that key decision makers from education, economic development, community based organizations, labor unions, training and human service agencies be represented on the Workforce Board. Nonprofit organizations, community leaders, and other stakeholders may also be appointed to serve.

In all cases, membership is drawn from individuals with optimum policy-making authority from their organization and who hold executive positions. Workforce Boards look for board members with specialized knowledge and insight into one or more of our key areas of focus, and with skills and experience in long-range planning, group problem solving, capital investment strategies, and organization / business development backgrounds.

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Workshops are conducted discreetly
Helps your workers through this difficult transition
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Workshops are conducted discreetly
Helps your workers through this difficult transition
Our services can shorten your workers’ period of unemployment

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