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Here’s how the program helped these young adults

“The program was amazing – workNet DuPage set me up with an internship which led to my job!”


Age 22, Hired as Office Assistant

“I learned a lot during my internship. I learned the basics of CNC machining, and now I’m moving forward and learning more every day.”

David S.

Age 22, Hired as a CNC Machinist

“The classes definitely taught me personal and business skills that I need for job interviews and when I’m on the job.”

Michael G.

Age 22, Hired as a Machine Operator

“The resume and interview classes were so interesting and important for me. I learned a lot from the very first day to the last.”

Susana B.

Age 23, Hired as a CNC Machinist

“The classes were really good, and my internship was awesome!”

Cody S.

Age 19, Hired as a Machine Operator

“In the workshops, every day was a little different, which made it fun. And it set me up with an internship, which helped me find my new job!”

Mikaela W.

Age 19, Hired as a Front Desk Attendant

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